Processing, Analysis and Storage

Services Available

If you enjoy being a Police Officer, there is nothing worse than being assigned to desk duty.  Unfortunately, while UAVs unleash some exciting opportunities for improving police work, the information that is captured often requires long hours staring at a computer monitor to process and analyze. It simply does not make sense to tie up department resources performing tasks that can be done more efficiently, accurately and cost effectively by us -- particularly when we actually enjoy staring at our computer screens!

How Does it Work?

It is simple.  

  1. We provide you with training and help you get started working with our service.  You will get all the support you need, particularly on those critical early missions.
  2. You fly the mission and capture photos and video. (Don't worry, we provide you detailed guidance on the flight patterns, altitudes, camera angles and other techniques we recommend to capture the best results.)
  3. Upload your photos and videos to us using our secure service.
  4. Let us know what outputs you need. Options include:
    • 2D Schematics for inclusion in incident reports
    • Specific measurements between designated points of interest in the scene
    • Digital Surface Model (.las, .laz, .xyz, .tif) compatible with AutoCAD, ArcGIS and many more
    • Orthomosaic (.tif, .kml, .html) compatible with Google Maps, Google Earth, AutoCad, ArcGIS and and more
    • 3D  Textured Mesh (.obj, .fbx, .ply, .pdf) compatible with Meshlab, Rhino, Blender, Acrobat Reader, Sketchfab and more
    • Video animation (.mp4, .mkv, .avi)
    • If you need other analysis or outputs just let us know and we can often accomodate.
  5. We deliver your output back to you using our secure file transfer service.
  6. We securely index and archive your original content consistent with your department's retention policies, so that you can recover it or perform further analysis in the future.  We will work with you to respond to any public access requests that you may receive.