Using small unmanned aerial vehicles (sUAS) provides a better solution for capturing evidence. The benefits include:



Richer Data Capture

  • 3D model with millions of data points
  • Equal or better accuracy: sub-centimeter accuracy is achievable
  • Retroactive measurement ability of any dimension: the distance between any two points of interest can be measured later


Reduced Elapsed Time

  • Reduce road closures: the time to capture the scene can be reduced to 15-20 minutes
  • Fewer secondary crashes: due to shorter road closures
  • Reduce demand for police: officers can resume regular duties more quickly


Compelling Evidence

  • Able to change perspective of scene, regardless of physical captures
  • Able to answer questions by reconstructing the scene: "Was the stop sign visible from this location?"
  • More persuasive in court than 2D drawings


There are many applications for this technology, and we support the following missions: