UAV Unit Startup

Getting off the Ground

Before you create a UAS support unit in your department there are many questions that you should consider carefully:

  • What is an effective way to make the business case for the creation of a UAS support unit?
  • What concerns and objections are we likely to face from government officials and the general public?
  • What are the most effective strategies for winning public support for our department's adoption of this new technology?
  • How much should we be budgeting for acquisition, maintenance, licenses, insurance, repairs, personnel, ongoing training and support?
  • What are the range of missions or deployment scenarios that will be served by a UAS support unit?
  • What are the capabilities of currently available UAVs that would best match the mission profiles we are considering?
  • What computers and software tools do we need to make best use of the data we capture using UAS?
  • What approvals do we require from the FAA and how should we approach their approval process?
  • Do we need to retain attorneys who specialize in working with the FAA?
  • What lessons have been learned by other departments that can help use be successful with our UAS support unit?

Straightforward? Hardly!  There are plenty of examples of departments that have run into problems when faced with one or more of these questions.  With technology advancing rapidly, a changing set of rules and regulations from the FAA, fledgling legislation governing the use of UAVs in many States, and the high level of media interest in real world deployments of this technology it is no wonder that navigating this process successfully can be a challenge.

How do we help?

We offer a complete package of advice, hardware, software and training matched to your specific goals, objectives and budget.  We can help you bring your UAS support unit to a mission-ready operational status.  If you plan to issue an RFP, we can help you with templates that will make that process easier also.  Just contact us for additional information.