sUAS FAA Knowledge Test Preparation

sUAS FAA Knowledge Test Preparation provides the foundation that students need to begin their preparation for the FAA sUAS knowledge test.  When supplemented with out of class reading and self-study, students will be equipped with the knowledge to operate safely within the US National Airspace System.

Course Content

This course covers the components of the sUAS knowledge test including:

  • Requirements to obtain a part 107 remote pilot certificate with a small unmanned aircraft system (sUAS) rating
  • Characteristics of small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) as stipulated in part 107
  • Exclusions from the requirements in part 107
  • Requirements for sUAS registration, markings, and condition
  • Possible supporting crew roles in sUAS operations
  • Best practices for crew management
  • Understanding the National Airspace
  • Characteristics of flight
  • Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM) Physiological factors for pilots
  • Recommended maintenance procedures for sUAS
  • Inspection requirements to verify that the sUAS is in condition for safe operation
  • Restrictions and procedures for safe loading of sUAS
  • Procedures for evaluating performance during UAS operations
  • Effects of weather on sUAS operations
  • Operational requirements and limitations for sUAS
  • Procedures for requesting a waiver for eligible requirements in part 107
  • Abnormal and emergencies situations that may arise during sUAS operations
  • Requirements for reporting accidents resulting from sUAS operations

Course Materials

Students need to bring a laptop computer (or other device) with a USB port(s) and Adobe Reader installed.  Student reference materials will be distributed in USB flash drives (files will accept electronic comments and highlighting and can be saved). 

Who Should Attend

Officers and Civilians planning to fly sUAS on behalf of their departments for all mission types but with a particular focus on crash investigation.

Class Size Up to 16 students. Minimum required enrollment for class to run is 6 students.
Duration 2 days
Location Onsite